Kobe Maynor injured again! Maguire selected for national team

Is Maynor injured again? Rich Fay of the Manchester Evening News reports that Maynor did not play in Tuesday's friendly against Barnsley as planned because of an injury. This caused a lot of discussion, with many comments saying that Meno may have been injured again, but many accounts countered that it was probably because the injury was not resolved.


If the injury has not healed yet, you should not rush to participate in the friendly match. The situation is not clear yet and we need further information. So don’t believe in this thing for the time being. I personally think there shouldn’t be any big problems. Meno had minor injuries and illnesses in the youth team, but he recovered very quickly. After all, he is a young player, so there is no big problem.


Maguire represented the England national team in the European preliminaries. He was interviewed before the game. The topic started with the boos he encountered from 40,000 Scottish fans:

David Beckham got in touch with me after the Scotland game about three weeks ago, so his was really good and I'm grateful for that. Throughout my career, I have been talking about Beckham. He is someone I respected and followed as a child. Unfortunately, I did not score goals and assists on the right wing like him, but it did not prevent me from growing up. an important role model.


He took the initiative to contact me. This is such a warm thing. This is something I appreciate very much. It is very touching. I don’t want to reveal too much about the conversation, but the most important thing he did was to remind me of my life so far. The most important moment of your career.

Everyone's career has its ups and downs, especially when you get to a certain level and to be captain of the biggest club in the world for three and a half years, Beckham has been in that position and knows what it's like.


I couldn't believe how much he was going through at the time and in the documentary, Gary Neville talks about his resilience as a player and I think that was a huge role model for a lot of footballers growing up, especially my generation.

You see, it's not just me and I don't want all the focus to be on me because it's Mental Health Week. Everybody, whether you're a footballer or not, you face challenges every day, we're in the spotlight but every day we wake up with mental health issues.

It's hard to deal with it and it takes speaking out and getting support and talking to the people you love, I'm so lucky to have great friends and family around me and you play for the memories and for myself and also To have a happy time with my family and friends.